Tuning the optical response of long-wavelength InAs/GaSb Type-II superlattices infrared focal plane arrays with multi-coatings
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史睿 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 红外成像材料与器件重点实验室上海 200083
上海科技大学 信息学院上海 201210 
周建 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 红外成像材料与器件重点实验室上海 200083 
白治中 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 红外成像材料与器件重点实验室上海 200083 
徐志成 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 红外成像材料与器件重点实验室上海 200083 
周易 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 红外成像材料与器件重点实验室上海 200083 
梁钊铭 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 红外成像材料与器件重点实验室上海 200083 
师瑛 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 红外成像材料与器件重点实验室上海 200083 
徐庆庆 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 红外成像材料与器件重点实验室上海 200083 
陈建新 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 红外成像材料与器件重点实验室上海 200083 200083
Abstract:In this paper, the multi-coatings composed of layers of zinc sulfide and germanium was designed and fabricated on a long-wavelength InAs/GaSb Type-II superlattices infrared focal plane arrays (FPAs). Compared with the FPAs without multi-coatings, the multi-coatings makes the response peaks of the FPAs shift from the wavelength of 8.7 and 10.3 μm to that of 9.8 and 11.7 μm. The 50% response cut-off wavelength of the FPAs shifts from 11.6 μm to 12.3 μm, and the response intensity of the FPAs is increased by 69% at the wavelength of 12 μm. In summary, the multi-coatings make the response wavelength of the FPAs tunable, which provides a powerful platform for more sensitive long-wave detection and improving imaging capabilities.
keywords:Type-II superlattices  FPAs  multi-coatings  tunable response
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