Molecular beam epitaxy growth and characteristics of the high quantum efficiency InAs/GaSb type-II superlattices MWIR detector
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陈凯豪 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所。中国科学院大学 
徐志成 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 
梁钊铭 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 
朱艺红 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 
陈建新 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 
何力 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 
Abstract:A very high quantum efficiency InAs/GaSb T2SL mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) photodetector was grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The T2SL detector structure material exhibits smooth surfaces with the step-flow growth and excellent structural homogeneity through AFM and HRXRD measurement, respectively. The 50% cutoff wavelength was about 5.5μm. The peak responsivity was 2.6 A/W corresponding to a quantum efficiency over 80% at 77 K, comparable to that of MCT. At 77 K the dark current density at -50 mV bias was 1.8×10E-6 A/cm2 and the resistance-area product (RA) at maximum (-50 mV bias) was 3.8×10E5 Ω·cm2. The peak detectivity was calculated to be 6.1 × 10E12 cm Hz1/2/W.
keywords:Molecular beam epitaxy, High quantum efficiency, Mid-wavelength infrared.
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