Research on performance of geostationary orbit millimeter-wave atmospheric soundings based on end to end simulations
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陈柯 华中科技大学 电子信息与通信学院湖北 武汉430074
多谱信息处理技术重点实验室湖北 武汉430074 
郑照明 华中科技大学 电子信息与通信学院湖北 武汉430074 
蔡保国 武汉船舶通信研究所湖北 武汉430074 
安大伟 国家卫星气象中心北京 100081 100081
谢振超 上海航天电子技术研究所上海201109 
李泽宇 华中科技大学 电子信息与通信学院湖北 武汉430074 
Abstract:Aiming for development of geostationary orbit (GEO) millimeter-wave atmospheric sounding technology, the sophisticated end-to-end simulation experiments based on the candidate real-aperture radiometer schemes for China future GEO atmospheric sounding mission, including 50~425GHz observation brightness temperatures forward and atmospheric profiles retrieval, are conducted to quantitatively examine the accuracy of GEO observation brightness temperature and the estimated atmospheric temperature and humidity profiles under the tropical cyclones conditions in this paper. Then the various factors affecting the accuracy are analyzed. The results show that the two major factors of the radiometer, the antenna beam width and the system noise, play the difference roles in the reduced accuracy of GEO observed brightness temperature for each frequency channel. The accuracy of the retrieval atmospheric temperature and humidity profiles from GEO sounding simulation is comparable to that of the polar orbit. And the contrast results of the retrieval profiles with and without 380 GHz and 425 GHz bands indicate that the accuracy of retrieval profiles can be improved effectively by the new terahertz bands of GEO atmospheric sounding. In additional, BG reconstruction algorithm can also decrease the retrieval errors. The above research can provide scientific basis and technical support for the development decision maker of GEO millimeter-wave atmosphere sounding research.
keywords:geostationary orbit  passive millimeter-wave remote sensing  atmospheric sounding  observation brightness temperatures forward  atmospheric temperature and humidity profiles retrieval  end to end simulation
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