Three-Dimensional Structure Analysis of Schottky Barrier Diode in CMOS Technology for Terahertz Imaging
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吕昕 北京理工大学信息与电子学院毫米波与太赫兹技术北京市重点实验室北京100081 
Abstract:A simple, scientific and effective design method for high cut-off frequency Schottky barrier diode is proposed and implemented. The cut-off frequency of the processed Schottky barrier diode is about 800 GHz, which can reach about 1 THz with the optimized parameters through the test results and simulation data in SMIC 180 nm process. The integrated detector including antennas, matching circuit and Schottky barrier diode is completed, whose tested responsivity could achieve 130 V/W and noise equivalent power is estimated to be 400 pW/√Hz at 220 GHz. The imaging experiment of invisible liquid surface in ceramic bottles has been completed and good results have been achieved.
keywords:CMOS, detector, imaging, Schottky barrier diode, terahertz
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