High precision on-orbit spectral calibration of atmospheric infrared ultra-spectral sounder
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杜丽丽 中国科学院安徽光学精密机械研究所 通用光学定标与表征技术重点实验室安徽 合肥 230031 230031
刘李 中国资源卫星应用中心北京100094 
葛曙乐 中国资源卫星应用中心北京100094 
李志伟 中国科学院安徽光学精密机械研究所 通用光学定标与表征技术重点实验室安徽 合肥 230031 
丁国绅 中国科学院安徽光学精密机械研究所 通用光学定标与表征技术重点实验室安徽 合肥 230031
中国科学技术大学安徽 合肥 230026 
Abstract:The atmospheric infrared ultra-spectral sounder (AIUS) is one of the main loads of GF-5 satellite. It’s used to obtain the vertical distribution information of various atmospheric trace gases through solar occultation observation. And accurate spectral calibration is the key and foundation for its data quantitative inversion. Ultra-spectral resolution and no matching on-board spectral calibration equipment make it’s difficult to realize high precision on-orbit spectral calibration for AIUS. A multi-line linear fitting algorithm based on atmospheric characteristic lines is proposed, which employs the key technologies such as Doppler shift correction, lines selection and accurate peak position determination to improve the spectral calibration accuracy. And after the successful launch of GF-5 satellite, a series of spectral calibrations and accuracy analysis are carried out for AIUS. The results show that this algorithm can achieve high precision spectral calibration of AIUS. The mean absolute deviations of Mct and InSb channels are 0.00437cm-1 and 0.00389cm-1, which are less than 0.008cm-1 required by trace gas inversion application.
keywords:ultra-spectral resolution  spectral calibration  characteristic lines  Doppler shift  GF-5 satellite  solar occulation
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