AUKF-based beam tracking algorithm in Millimeter-Wave mobile communication
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Abstract:Aiming at the problem that the received signal quality drops sharply when the transmit and receive beams have angular deviations in a mobile millimeter wave communication scenario, this paper proposes a beam tracking algorithm based on Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter (AUKF). Considering the applicability of low complexity for mobile scenarios, this algorithm designs an effective beam tracking scheme. In the analog beamforming architecture, a beam pair is trained to track an electromagnetic wave path to maintain effective millimeter wave communication. By introducing an adaptive adjustment factor, the prediction and observation covariance matrices can be adjusted adaptively when there is an abnormal disturbance in the system, improving the estimation accuracy and the convergence speed. Simulation results show that the adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter algorithm in this paper significantly reduces beam tracking errors in mobile environments and has robust beam tracking capabilities.
keywords:Millimeter-Wave MIMO system  analog beamforming  beam tracking  adaptive UKF
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