Mechanism analysis of terahertz graphene electro-optic modulator with plasma structure
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李佳斌 西安工程大学电子信息院 
王晓华 西安工程大学电子信息院  
王文杰 西安工程大学电子信息院  
Abstract:Based on the theory of plasmon resonance, we present a photon plasma ridge waveguide consisting of a metal/graphene/Al2O3/graphene stacking structure. The modulation performance is optimized through the design of the waveguide and plasma structures by analyzing the microscopic mechanism of photoelectric reaction. A low-insertion-loss near-infrared electro-optic modulator with a modulation rate of 730GHz, energy consumption of 0.7fJ/bit, and 3-dB bandwidth of 3.66THz is achieved.
keywords:Graphene-based electro-optic modulator  plasma structure  characteristic optimization  mechanism analysis
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