Research on multi-band tunable terahertz absorber based on metamaterial
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佟艳群 江苏大学机械工程学院 
汪诗妍 江苏大学机械工程学院 
宋效先 江苏大学机械工程学院  
杨 磊 江苏大学机械工程学院  
姚建铨 江苏大学机械工程学院  
叶云霞 江苏大学机械工程学院  
任云鹏 江苏大学机械工程学院  
张雅婷 江苏大学机械工程学院  
辛姗姗 江苏大学机械工程学院  
任旭东 江苏大学机械工程学院 
Abstract:Aiming at the problems of tunable terahertz metamaterial absorber with few absorption peaks,low absorptivity and complex metamaterial structure,a multi-band tunable terahertz metamaterial absorber is designed.In the structure of the metamaterial absorber,a photosensitive semiconductor silicon material is added and design a special top metal resonator,analyze the influence of the parameters such as the opening length,line width and dielectric layer thickness on the absorption spectral characteristics of the terahertz metamaterial absorber.According to the relationship between illumination and the conductivity of photosensitive semiconductor silicon,study the frequency tuning characteristics of the terahertz metamaterial absorber and obtain 12 absorption frequency modulations in the terahertz band,of which 10 absorption peaks have an absorption rate exceeding 90% near perfect absorption,and there are 6 absorption rates up to 99% perfect absorption.Moreover,the absorptivity modulation depth and relative bandwidth reach 85.9% and 85.5% respectively,with strong tunable characteristics.The photoexcited terahertz metamaterial absorber we designed has a simple structure,multi-band tunable and perfect absorption characteristics,which expands the application range of the absorber.
keywords:terahertz absorber,metamaterials,photo excited,multi-band tunable
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