Diode-end-pumped passively Q-switched Nd:YAP/YVO4 Raman laser at 1.2 μm
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Abstract:The output characteristics of passively Q-switched YVO4 Raman laser derived by a diode end-pumped Nd:YAP laser at 1080 nm was investigated. A Cr4+:YAG/YAG composite crystal with an initial transmittance of 85% was used as saturable absorber. The first-Stokes wave output power and pulse characteristics based on a-cut YVO4 crystal with the Raman shift of 890 cm-1 were studied. Under an incident pump power of 9.87 W, the average output power of 0.76W and conversion efficiency of 7.7% were obtained for the first-Stokes wave. The pulse repetition frequency rose from 3.7 to 33.5 kHz as the incident pump power increased from threshold to 9.87 W. The pulse width was about 1.5 ns at the maximum incident pump power. Therefore, the corresponding maximum single pulse energy and peak power were 22.8 μJ and 15.2 kW, respectively.
keywords:passively Q-switched  Raman laser  YVO4 crystal  Cr4+:YAG/YAG composite crystal
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