Research on airport low-level wind shear identification algorithm based on laser wind radar
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范琪 西南技术物理研究所 
郑佳锋 成都信息工程大学 大气科学学院 高原大气与环境四川省重点实验室 
周鼎富 西南技术物理研究所 
朱克云 成都信息工程大学 大气科学学院 高原大气与环境四川省重点实验室  
张杰 成都信息工程大学 大气科学学院 高原大气与环境四川省重点实验室  
童文皓 西南技术物理研究所  
罗雄 西南技术物理研究所  
Abstract:This paper introduces the research situation of low-level wind shear identification, and proposes a low-altitude wind shear recognition algorithm based on airport application for laser wind radar. The key monitoring areas and warning methods are designed in a targeted manner. Low-level wind shear data in this paper are collected form the LIDAR wind field detection tests conducted from January to April 2016 and December 2017 to June 2018 at several airports with different climate and terrain complexity. The shear identification capability of the algorithm was evaluated by comparing with the results of a foreign company"s LIDAR and aircraft voice report. The experimental results show that the algorithm can effectively detect low-level wind shear in the detection range of laser wind radar, and the hit rate can reach over 88%.
keywords:low-level wind shear  laser wind radar  civil aviation safety
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