Geometric calibration method of plane array camera with 60 degrees two-dimensional pointing mirror
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Abstract:Three-axis stabilized geostationary orbit plane array camera needs to search and track the target in a certain field of view, and usually adopts the "staring" imaging technology scheme combining two-dimensional directional mirror and array detector. However, there are some problems such as image distortion and image rotation, which affect the accuracy of target tracking and positioning. The distortion correction and image rotation correction of 60 degrees two-dimensional directional mirror array camera is carried out, and a geometric model laboratory calibration method based on the combination of internal and external azimuth elements is proposed. The average error are 0.74 pixels, which satisfies the requirement of practical use, by calculating and optimizing 13 error items of the normal, north-south axis and east-west axis of the pointing mirror.
keywords:geometric model  distortion correction  image rotation correction  internal and external azimuth elements
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