Human localization technology based on the pyroelectric infrared sensors
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吴勤勤 南京大学 电子科学与工程学院南京 210023 
李希才 南京大学 电子科学与工程学院南京 210023  
王元庆 南京大学 电子科学与工程学院南京 210023
南京大学“智能光感知与调控技术”教育部重点实验室南京 210023 
任舒平 江西省科学院南昌 330000  
Abstract:In this paper, we propose a field of views of pyroelectric infrared sensors modulation strategy. The proposed field of views modulation strategy can improve the human localization resolution, and it will not reduce the detection distance of pyroelectric infrared sensor. For the proposed strategy, the field of views of pyroelectric infrared sensors are modulated by a mask. And the modulated field of views overlap and interleave with each other to form some sampling areas. In order to verify the proposed field of views modulation strategy, the human localization node which includes nine pyroelectric infrared sensors is fabricated. The modulated degree of the field of views of each pyroelectric infrared sensor is 36°. The degree of each sampling area is 4°. If the human moves in a sampling area, the corresponding pyroelectric infrared sensors will be triggered. The human position can be localized by using at least two nodes. According to the states of the pyroelectric infrared sensors, the human position can be estimated. In the experiment, two nodes are set in a 600×600cm square area, the theoretical error is analyzed by using least square estimation. The theoretical maximum error of the two nodes human localization equipment in a 600×600cm square area is about 70cm. Eight human positions are estimated in experiments, and the estimation route is formed by connecting all the estimated positions. The estimation route is close to the predefined route. The minimum and maximum estimation errors are about 4.42cm and 16.91cm respectively.
keywords:Pyroelectric infrared sensor  Human position localization  Least square estimation.
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