A step-by-step geometric correction and error analysis of swing-swept array thermal infrared aerial image
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Abstract:Aiming at the problem of no control point geometric correction for plane array swabbing data, a step by step geometric correction method for plane array swabbing thermal infrared image based on POS data is proposed.The main steps include 1) image correction using the visual vector method;2) projection to gaussian auxiliary plane for splicing;3) virtual control points were extracted, and the second geometric precision correction of the global image was carried out by using the least square method to realize the geometric correction of the thermal infrared image in the research area. The validity of the proposed algorithm is verified by obtaining experimental images from a region in haiyan, Zhejiang province, and the relative error of the distance between two points in the plane is 0.81%, and the relative error of the azimuth Angle of two points in the plane is 0.72%, which is significantly improved compared with the direct use of POS correction error. This research method can be applied to the geometric correction of flight images without ground control points in other plane array swallowswhich can meet the actual needs of subsequent projects.
keywords:Swing-swept array, Thermal infrared aerial image , Geometric correction, Vision vector
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