Combining-SNCR evaluation of dual-models aerial targets’ infrared bands
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张磊 北京跟踪与通信技术研究所 
陈略 中国科学院智能红外感知重点实验室 
朱含露 中国科学院智能红外感知重点实验室 
饶鹏 中国科学院智能红外感知重点实验室 
Abstract:The detection of the aerial targets applied on the space-based platform has the effects of long distance, weak signal of targets, complex background clutters and noises from detectors, therefore, it is extremely important to determine the bands, which might obtain the strongest signal, during the process of detection. The trapezoidal plume and the cone plume simulation model are systematically established, meanwhile an SNCR method combining the signal to noisy ratio(SNR) and the signal to clutter ratio(SCR) is proposed to determine the detection bands. The experimental result shows that, different aerial targets have different SNCR values, but with the same peak value. According to the method mentioned above, bands have been determined and eventually been determined the values as follows: in MWIR band, in which interval is not less than 0.3, in LWIR band, in which interval is not less than 0.3.
keywords:electronic technology  infrared bands  SNRC  aerial targets  dual-models
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