The research progress and application of novel terahertz detectors
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刘玉菲 重庆大学光电技术及系统教育部重点实验室  
TengKar Seng 斯旺西大学工程学院  
吴刚 昆明物理研究所  
胡伟达 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所  
韩福忠 昆明物理研究所  
Abstract:Terahertz waves have many unique electrical and optical properties, which have significant applications in both civil and military fields, such as physics, biology, public safety inspection, local area communication, information security, environmental monitoring, non-destructive testing and defense technology etc. Terahertz detector is one of the core components in a terahertz system. Therefore, its application is usually determined by the characteristic and performance of the detector. In recent years, there are some major breakthroughs in the development of terahertz detectors. However, there are still technology challenges that limit the application of such device. For example, room temperature terahertz detectors exhibited a large noise equivalent power and low sensitivity. This is in contrast to cooled terahertz detectors, which demonstrated high response rate and low noise equivalent power, but they cannot be miniaturized and are costly. This paper provides a summary and discussion on the recent development and application of terahertz detectors from the aspect of material preparation and device configuration.
keywords:terahertz detectors,materials,research progress,application status
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