Frequency-Selective THz Reflectors Based on Nonuniform Silicon Gratings
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 中央民族大学理学院北京 100081 100081
 中央民族大学理学院北京 100081 
WANG Li-Yan Minzu University of China 
WANG Xin-Yuan Minzu University of China 
 中央民族大学理学院北京 100081 
 中央民族大学理学院北京 100081 
YANG Yu-Ping Minzu University of China 100081
Abstract:As a special periodic structure, subwavelength gratings have made important progress in filters, reflectors, couplers, sensors and so on. Among them, the non-uniform grating has a great degree of design freedom, which enables it to have the characteristics of wide bandwidth and high reflection in terahertz range. Moreover, different grating constants and filling factors will cause high selectivity in frequency spectrum, thus achieving tunable reflectors. In this paper, a non-uniform, silicon-based grating was designed and fabricated, and its reflection characteristics were measured by the terahertz time-domain spectroscopy in reflection mode and calculated by finite element method. The results show that the non-uniform, high-selectivity, silicon-based grating not only has the advantages of wide frequency band and high reflectivity, but also has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, easy fabrication and large process tolerance.
keywords:Terahertz  Grating  Reflector  Frequency selective
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