A high accuracy multi-beam Lidar system and its verification on several photons
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LIU Hong-Bin Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics mufengliuhb@163.com 
LI Ming Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics lpfilter@163.com 
WANG Feng-Xiang Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics  
HUANG Geng-Hua Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics  
HU Yi-Hua Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics  
Abstract:A several photons high accuracy multi-beam three-dimensional imaging Lidar system based on 8*8 array SiPM (Silicon photomultiplier) was introduced. The theoretical calculation and system design of laser ranging were given. According to the 64 laser beam transmitted in parallel, fiber array was used to realize the alignment of laser beam and detector. The off-axis three-mirror optical transceiver system, ultra-narrowband filter structure and 64-channel high-speed parallel readout circuit were designed, and a prototype of Lidar was built. Experimental verification result indicates that 64 channels are in good uniformity under static 21m ranging, ranging accuracy is 1 cm and maximum distance deviation is 6 cm. In three-dimensional, imaging resolution is 512*512, imaging time is 100ms, different targets of 15cm can be distinguished, and the thickness of plane is 5 cm.
keywords:Lidar, multi-beam, several photons, high accuracy, three dimensional imaging
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