A laser transmitter of differential absorption lidar for atmospheric pressure measurement
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洪光烈 Hong GuangLie glhong@mail.sitp.ac.cn 
wang qin University of Chinese Academy of Sciences  
xiao chunlei Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, 200083, China
kong wei shanghai institute of technical physics  
Wang Jianyu Hong GuangLie jywang@mail.sitp.ac.cn 
Abstract:Atmospheric pressure is a very important parameter in meteorological research and numerical weather prediction. Differential absorption lidar is one of the most promising remote sensing instruments for surface atmospheric pressure and vertical profile of tropospheric pressure. Here is a transmitter for an oxygen-band differential absorption lidar that is tried for atmospheric pressure detection experiment. The laser transmitter is based on the structure of a seed-injected optical parametric oscillator and an optical parametric amplifier. As a slave oscillator, a ring cavity KTP optical parametric oscillator is used. As the master oscillator, is a continuous wave external cavity diode laser. Operating wavelength of the continuous wave external cavity diode laser was stabilized, by a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) servo control loop composed of a high-precision wavelength meter. A continuous wave seed laser is injected into the optical parametric oscillator cavity, and the cavity length of the OPO (Optical Parametric Oscillator) resonator is locked by the “Ramp-Hold-Fire” technique. This laser transmitter has been proven to have the following properties: high optical frequency stability (30MHz/rms), narrow linewidth (Fourier transform limited), and high pulse energy (≥45mJ),which can be maintained during operation. The transmitter system operates with a single longitudinal mode, making it possible for differential absorption lidar to detect narrowband backscattering signals. Such systems therefore have the developing potential to accurately measure atmospheric pressure.
keywords:DIAL, differential absorption lidar (280.1910), pressure measurement (120.5475), parametric oscillators and amplifiers (190.4970), injection-locked (140.3520)
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