Investigation of Large Power Microwave Nonlinear Effects on Amplitude-phase Controller Chip for Ka-band Phased Array Radar T/R modules
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Guo Guo School of Electronic Science and Engineering 
XU, XIONG State Key Laboratory of Complex Electromagnetic Environment Effects on Electronics and Information System  
Wei, Yan-Yu School of Electronic Science and Engineering  
Guo Chang-Yong Nanyang Technician College  
Abstract:Large power microwave nonlinear effects on amplitude-phase controller chip are experimentally tested and theoretical analyzed. This chip has the typical application on Ka-band phased array radar (PAR) transmit/receive (T/R) modules. The test platform is built up by a solid source and a pulsed magnetron to generate large power Ka-band microwave. The degradation and destroy phenomenon are observed distinctly as the input power amplitudes are improved. The total-state phase characteristics and the degradation thresholds of the selected chip are obtained through a series of experimental tests. At last, the results are given by figures and the damage mechanism is analyzed theoretically.
keywords:Experimental test  large power microwave  nonlinear effects  amplitude-phase controller chip  T/R modules.
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