Quantitative effect of the spectral calibration accuracy of the hyperspectral remote sensor on the Vegetation Red Edge
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ZHANG Ya-Qiong Key Laboratory of Satellite Remote Sensing for National Environmental Protection,Satellite Environment Center,Ministry of Environmental Protection zhangyq@secmep.cn 
ZHANG Bing Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences zb@radi.ac.cn 
ZHANG Hao Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences zhanghao612@radi.ac.cn 
Abstract:Based on the simulation of vegetation reflectance with different spectral calibration error, the quantitative effect of the spectral calibration error of hyperspectral remote sensor on vegetation red edge was analyzed. The results show that the spectral calibration error leads to the "spike" and "shake" phenomena in the red edge region of veg-etation reflectance, and there is a significant linear relationship between spectral calibration error and red edge position (REP) error (R2=0.9932). For a 10nm resolution spectrometer, when the spectral calibration errors are 10%, 30% and 50%, maximum errors in red edge reflectance are 1.46%, 4.49% and 9.57% respectively, and REP errors are 0.75nm, 2.6nm and 5.52nm respectively. Spectral calibration error is an important factor leading to REP shift, high-accuracy spectral calibration of hyperspectral remote sensor is essential for quantitative application related with vegetation red edge.
keywords:Hyperspectral remote sensor, spectral calibration, radiative transfer model, vegetation red edge
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