Hybrid dual wedge plasmonic waveguide with long-range propagation and subwavelength mode confinement
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Wencheng Yue Uniersity of Science and Technology of China wchengy@mail.ustc.edu.cn 
Peijun Yao Uniersity of Science and Technology of China yap@ustc.edu.cn 
Xiaolin Chen Uniersity of Science and Technology of China  
Runxia Tao Uniersity of Science and Technology of China  
Abstract:We propose a hybrid dual wedge plasmonic (HDWP) waveguide consisting of two dielectric wedges and a diamond metal wire. The coupling between dielectric wedge waveguide mode and long-rang surface plasmon polariton mode results in both low propagation loss and ultra-deep-subwavelength confinement. The HDWP waveguide achieves a normalized mode area of 0.0029 with a moderate propagation length of 532 μm or a propagation length of 3028 μm with a normalized mode area of 0.0062. We study the impacts of possible fabrication imperfections on the mode properties and the results indicate that the HDWP waveguide is quite tolerant to fabrication errors.
keywords:Waveguide, surface plasmon polariton, photonic integrated circuits
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