Study of strain characteristics in a rolled-up nanomembrane containing quantum wells
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WANG Yue Shanghai Normal University 
ZHEN Hong-Lou Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
Abstract:The nanomembrane with embedded asymmetric coupled QWs by chemical etching was rolled-up into a three-dimensional tube structure via a strain-engineering route, it is found that there are two different modes of its optical properties and the modes can be expressed as two different strain release: uni-axial strain release and bi-axial strain release by the PL spectra obtained from microtubes with different diameters. In order to study the internal relationship between the strain state and the objective factors that affect the strain state, experimentally we used different concentration of HF acid etching solution to corrode the corresponding sacrificial layer of the nanomembrane which is rolled-up into a three-dimensional tube structure. Besides, the PL spectra of microtubes show that the uni-axial strain release and bi-axial strain release of microtubes are not only related to the influence of substrate, but also to the initial state of microtube and they can be transformed into each other under a certain condition.
keywords:quantum well, strain engineering, rolled-up microtube
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