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YANG Yu-Han School of geographic sciences in East China Normal University yangyh1993@126.com 
YIN Qiu Meterological Satellite User′s Office of China Meteorological AdministrationChina Shanghai Meteorological Service yinqiu@cma.gov.cn 
SHU Jiong School of Geographic Sciences in East China Normal University jshu@geo.ecnu.edu.cn 
中文关键词:风云四号A  干涉式大气垂直探测仪  GIIRS  通道优选  红外高光谱  信息容量
Experiment on channel selection of atmosphere vertical sounder(GIIRS) onboard the FY-4A geostationary satellite
Abstract:In view of GIIRS, a hyperspectral vertical detector equipped on the FY-4A geostationary satellite, a channel selection experiment for the retrieval of temperature is carried out. Using line-by-line radiative transfer model, according to the information content, channels are selected by step-by-step iterative method, which can be used to describe the effective information of various atmospheric parameters in the infrared hyperspectral data. Finally, sensitive channels using for retrieval of temperature profile are obtained,56 channels in global and 58 in FY-4A detection range. The selected channels have small correlation with each other,and they have high information content, which can be used as the representative channel set for temperature profile retrieval research and data assimilation.
keywords:FY-4A, Interferometric atmospheric vertical detector, GIIRS, channel selection, Infrared hyperspectral, Information content
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