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董洋 电子科技大学 610054
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中文摘要:提出了一种适用于w波段行波管(TWT)的双注矩形环杆(DBRRB)慢波结构,该结构具有平面特性,适合于微细加工。在一对T形介质杆的支撑下,RRB SWS适用于双带状电子注工作。利用计算机仿真分析了其高频特性。设计并采用了渐变结构和阶梯波导的宽带输入输出结构。采用粒子 (PIC)模拟研究了RRB SWS的热仿真性能,并用0.6 T的螺线管磁场,对电压和电流分别为11.2 kV和0.12 A的带状注进行聚焦。仿真结果表明,在94 GHz时的饱和输出功率为56.7 W,对应的增益为27.4 dB。此外,还添加了一个衰减器来抑制振荡并实现了稳定运行。
中文关键词:行波管  双带状注  阶梯波导  衰减器
W-band Dual-Sheet Beam Traveling-Wave Tube with a Novel Planar Slow-Wave Structure
Abstract:A dual-beam rectangular ring-bar (DBRRB) slow wave structure (SWS), which is with a planar structure and is suitable for microfabrication, is proposed for W-band traveling-wave tubes (TWT). Supported by a pair of T-shaped dielectric rods, the RRB SWS is fit for dual-sheet beam operation. The high frequency characteristics are analyzed by using computer simulations. Wide bandwidth input-output structures adopting tapered structure and step waveguide are designed. Hot-test performance of the RRB SWS is investigated by means of Particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations. A solenoid magnetic field of 0.6 T is adopted to focus the sheet beams with voltage and current of 11.2 kV and 0.12 A. The saturated output power of 56.7 W at 94 GHz is obtained at the output port, corresponding a gain of 27.4 dB. In addition, an attenuator is added to suppress oscillations and achieve stable operation.
keywords:traveling wave tube, dual-sheet beam, step waveguide, attenuator
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