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章琪文 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 200083
陈洪雷 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 
丁瑞军 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所 200083
中文摘要:碲镉汞雪崩光电二极管(HgCdTe APD)是目前红外焦平面技术前沿研究之一,低温下高精度时间标记读出电路是APD焦平面的基础,直接影响到APD红外焦平面性能。时间数字转换电路(TDC)是实现高精度时间标记的方法之一。基于对低温下MOSFET器件的分析,设计了一款游标型TDC电路,该方法利用同步计数器量化整数倍周期,实现粗计数6 bits的输出;通过片上锁相环倍频的高频时钟来量化不足一个时钟周期的部分,以实现精计数6 bits的输出。电路采用标准CMOS工艺流片,工作在120 MHz的主频下,77 K下测试得到能够分辨最小精度为236.28 ps,其中微分非线性为-0.54~0.71 LSB,积分非线性为-1.32~1.21 LSB。
中文关键词:碲镉汞 e-APD  时间数字转换电路;游标型延时线;非线性度
High precision time-to-digital conversion circuit for mercury cadmiun telluride APD detector at 77K
Abstract:HgCdTe avalanche?photodiode (APD) is a frontier research on infrared focal plane technology, High-precision time stamp readout circuit is the basis of the APD focal plane at 77 K, which directly affects APD infrared focal plane performance. Time-to-digital conversion circuit (TDC) is one of the methods to achieve high-precision time stamping. Based on the analysis of MOSFET device at low temperature, our design a vernier TDC circuit, which uses a synchronous counter to quantize an integer multiple of the period to achieve a coarse count of 6 bits; Through the high-frequency clock multiplied by the on-chip phase-locked loop to quantify the part of less than one clock cycle, to achieve a fine-count of 6 bits output. The circuit adopts standard CMOS process tape out, our circuit works at a master-frequency of 120 MHz. At 77 K, the circuit test can distinguish the time resolution of 236.280 ps. The DNL is within -0.54~0.71 LSB, and INL is within -1.32~1.21 LSB.
keywords:HgCdTe e-APD  time-to-digital converter circuit  vernier delay line  Nonlinearity
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