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张锷 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所红外探测与成像技术重点实验室 zeshcn@126.com 
陈帅帅 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所红外探测与成像技术重点实验室  
张里阳 国家卫星气象中心  
中文关键词:可见光红外扫描辐射计  冷空间  基准采样  月球
Study on the phenomena of lunar observation in cold space reference sampling area of Visible and Infrared Radiometer on FY-3 Meteorological Satellite
Abstract:The moon is observed at a specific time in the cold space reference sampling area of the Visible Infrared Radiometer (VIRR) of FY-3 meteorological satellite, which makes the remote sensing image appear abnormal area of strip image with reduced or even no code value in the earth region at that time, which has an impact on the remote sensing data. Based on the characteristics of VIRR orbit operation, on orbit working mode and cold space data sampling mechanism, this paper analyzes the reasons why the moon is observed in the cold space sampling area of VIRR and affects the remote sensing data. The mechanism of registration dislocation between lunar image channels caused by the rotation of VIRR scanning image in cold space sampling is expounded. The time and regularity of this phenomenon in one year period are calculated by satellite orbit simulation. The processing suggestions for the affected remote sensing data are put forward. The preliminary attempt of data correction is made and the possibility of data correction is analyzed.
keywords:Visible and Infrared Radiometer  cold space  reference sampling  moon
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