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中文摘要:CdZnTe晶片是HgCdTe外延薄膜的理想衬底。为了优化CdZnTe衬底的电学接触性能,作者基于真空蒸发法和磁控溅射法分别在p型导电性CdZnTe晶片(111)B (富碲面)制备Au/Cd复合电极。通过接触粘附试验,研究了复合电极的制备方法对电极与衬底之间的粘附性;利用卢瑟福背散射光谱法(RBS)比较了不同沉积方法下样品的元素深度分布;采用电流-电压(I-V)测试比较了两种制备工艺对Au/Cd复合电极与CdZnTe衬底欧姆接触特性的影响,从而确定了最佳复合电极的制备工艺。
中文关键词:CdZnTe  Au/Cd复合电极  沉积方法  势垒高度
The effect of deposition methods on the contact properties between Au/Cd electrodes and (111) CdZnTe wafers
Abstract:CdZnTe wafer is an ideal substrate for HgCdTe epitaxial thin films. In order to optimize the electrical contact performance of CdZnTe substrate, the Au/Cd composite electrode was prepared on p-type (111)B CdZnTe wafer (tellurium-rich surface) by vacuum evaporation and magnetron sputtering respectively. By means of contact adhesion test, the adhesion between Au/Cd electrode and CdZnTe substrate was studied. Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry (RBS) was used to compare the element depth distribution of samples with different deposition methods. The effects of the two preparation processes on the ohmic contact characteristics of Au/Cd composite electrode and CdZnTe substrate were compared through the current-voltage (I-V) test, and the optimum preparation technology of composite electrode was obtained.
keywords:CdZnTe  composite electrode  deposition method  barrier height
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