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中文关键词:再生反馈振荡器  太赫兹  折叠波导  PIC模拟
Theoretical Study of a 0.85-THz Tunable Folded Waveguide Regenerative-Feedback Vacuum-Electronics Oscillator
Abstract:A tunable feedback oscillator (RFO)for 850GHz terahertz wave imaging system is proposed. The use of a folded waveguide (FWG) as the slow-wave structure (SWS) permits the superior performance together with the capability of UV-LIGA process. The comparison of dispersion character of FWG designed and optimized using eigenmode solver in CST Microwave Studio, respectively applied in RFO and traveling wave tube (TWT) shows the key factor of tunable frequency centered at 850GHz. Additionally, a feedback circuit including T-junction with lossy metal is simulated and the design, including SWS and feedback circuit, is verified by 3-D particle-in-cell simulations. On varying the beam voltage, the frequency-adjustable oscillation changes from a stale single-frequency state at the beginning to multi-frequency spectra, demonstrating more than 200mW output power.
keywords:regenerative feedback oscillator(RFO)  terahertz  folded waveguide  PIC solver
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