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中文摘要:介绍了一种基于稀疏MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output)阵列的340GHz三维成像系统。系统采用水平放置的4发16收稀疏MIMO阵列配合垂直维的聚束扫描实现方位维的高分辨成像,每个发射通道的波形为16GHz带宽的线性调频连续波信号,通过脉冲压缩实现距离维的高分辨。测试结果表明,在4m的探测距离(光程)上,成像系统方位向、垂直向和距离向的分辨率分别达到14mm、10mm和12mm,通过对人体隐藏枪支的三维成像实验验证了系统对人体携带危险品的探测能力。
中文关键词:太赫兹雷达  稀疏MIMO  太赫兹阵列  三维成像  站开式  人体安检
Real time 3D imaging system based on sparse MIMO array at 340GHz
Abstract:a 3-D imaging system based on sparse MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output) array at 340 GHz is presented. The imager incorporates a linear array containing 4 transmitters and 16 receivers (4Tx-16Rx) as electronic beam former in horizontal dimension and an elliptic cylinder as focusing reflector in elevation to get high cross-range resolution. Each emitter transmits frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) waveform with 16 GHz bandwidth and high range resolution is achieved by using pulse compression technique. Experimental results indicate that the 3-D imaging resolution is 14 mm, 10mm and 12mm in horizontal direction, vertical direction and range dimension at 4-m distance respectively. The personal screen experiments also imply that concealed threats such as guns can be detected by this 3-D imager.
keywords:terahertz radar, sparse MIMO, terahertz array, 3-D imaging, stand-off, personal security detection  
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