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中文关键词:HgCdTe  激光束诱导电流  I-V测试  B+离子注入  干法刻蚀
Characterization Method of PN Junction Region Expansion in HgCdTe Device
Abstract:The laser beam induced current (LBIC) and the I-V test underthe environment ofliquid nitrogen for characterizing PN junction regionexpansion in the HgCdTe device was presented. By LBIC test and I-V test,it was found that the area of n-type region from p-type HgCdTe materialhaving beenimplanted by Boron ion or etched by ion beam milling is larger than the implanting region and etching region, and the transverse distribution of the area of n-type region was obtained. At the same time,it was found that the two testing results of the methods were in basic agreement by comparison.
keywords:HgCdTe  laser beam induced current  I-V test  Boron ion implantation  dry etching
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